Social Anxiety: How to work a party if you’re nervous

If you’re one of those people who get sweaty about going anywhere or meeting friends at their place for a party, you know how much you’re missing out. Missing out on meeting new people who could potentially be friends, partners, employers (yes, a lot of business...

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Dating tips for smart women (and men)

Dating can be so damn hard! Especially if you are getting started or even getting back into the game after a relationship turned south or divorce. Nothing can really prepare you for the adventures that accompany the quest for a love life. The flings, mind-games,...

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Supporting a Friend Struggling With Their Mental Health

It’s important to be supportive but also know your boundaries when it comes to helping friends with their mental illness. I shared some tips with awesomenesstv and Kristine Fellizar in this article titled 7 Ways to Support a Friend Struggling With Their Mental Health...

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Why people cut and how to help. My quotes in Healthline

Cutting, a form of self-harm stems from a conscious or unconscious desire to hurt one’s physical, psychic self. What starts as experimentation or desire to rid oneself of a feeling, can become a journey of self-degradation, hopelessness, and obliteration. Read more...

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Signs you’re not enjoying sex! My tips on Bustle

Watch for my advice on figuring out when your sex life needs some rescuing in Bustle’s “11 Signs You’re Not Enjoying Sex With Your Partner As Much As You Should Be”. The article talks about things that get in the way of having a healthy sexual...

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Break Up Advice that you really must know!

Break ups are fricking hard and painful. They leave us feeling confused, perplexed, at times paralysed. Whether it’s you breaking up or someone breaking up with you, it’s hard to figure out what to do, say or not. Here are the most common questions I get...

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